Shopping Discounted Webhosting from European Providers

Dedicated web hosting servers, owing to their various advantages and lucrative features, have become increasingly popular today, and many website patrons are opting for committed hosts nowadays. The various discounts imposed by various web hosting companies are another factor why dedicated servers have become so sought after today.

What is a server?

Dedi Server

If you are completely new to the world of websites and servers, and you must want to know about what servers really are. Truly speaking, servers are nothing but gateways to the Web or the Internet. They provide an extension to your computer network, and can be accessed just like the drives and files on your PC. Servers hold all the documents, software and files pertaining to your website, and release them or host them on the Internet for people to see them.

Dedicated Webhosting- The best server option:

Servers are mostly of two types- dediziertes (Dedicated) Servers and Shared Servers or the VPS. While both the types have the some operations, the difference lies in the method of operation. Shared servers lease the same server to many website patrons, which means the same server stores documents and software of more than one website and hosts them together so are cheap. Dedicated servers, on the contrary, are assigned to just one particular website so it has only one website to host and no other website has anything to do with that dedicated server.

Thus, committed web hosting ensures optimum security and privacy to your website as there are no third party interferences. You are also at your own liberty to upload as much files as you wish and expand you website, and change your website configurations too. In case of shared servers, because many websites are involved, you are not at much liberty to expand or change the website. Shared servers are not that secured too, owing to multi-party users. Thus, dedicated servers are the best option of servers in today’s scenario, in terms of easily accessible customization options and high security.

Advantages of Dedicated Web hosting:

Advantages of Dedicated Web hosting

Dedicated servers allow a wide bandwidth of customization and provide great security and safety to the websites. However, there are many other great advantages of such hosts which have made them so high in demand today. The advantages of using dedicated servers are as follows:

Memory Space: Dedicated server is almost mandatory for all businesses, especially the budding ones. With dedicated server hosting, you can avail a plethora of data transfer and also a reliable CPU with huge RAM storage. This huge storage space also gives you an opportunity for expanding your business, which results in website expansion too. And owing to ample storage space, the website operations will not get interrupted due to the website’s expansion.

Smooth Network Connection: A dedicated web host can give you uninterrupted network connection without any outside intervention. Every website has a large number of traffic towards it, which poses a threat of website crash. Thus, an efficient server is important so that the traffic can be well managed and tracked. A dedicated server discount 99.9% of a server up time, making it one of the best options that can be used for the servers of websites.

Optimum Security: This is the USP of dedicated web hosting, and its list of advantages will be incomplete without this. A dedicated server provides strong security for all websites, resulting in more power and control to the patron. With the help of these easily handled servers, your site can perform wonderfully, and can also have a highly appreciable capacity to store information. Websites also store various information which are secretive and should not get leaked, for instance a customer’s payment details for an e-commerce website. Thus, website security is an important factor, which is greatly ensured by dedicated servers.

Cost effective: Depending upon your business, you need to access many websites at once. This will cause consumption of server resources irrespective of website traffic. Thus, the requirement for a dedicated web host is better compared to other servers because it is more budget friendly in terms of functionality as compared to others.

Types of dedicated servers:

dediziertes (Dedicated) servers are primarily of two types- metered and unmetered. Metered dedicated servers provide great bandwidth, at budget rates. They ensure that all the prerequisites of the patrons of all types of websites are greatly managed and fulfilled. But, if you are unsure of the bandwidth consumption you need, then go for the unmetered dedicated servers. They provided unlimited bandwidth of use and don’t charge anything extra for data transfer. Thus, no money will get wasted for the unconsumed bandwidths in case you install a dedicated server with more bandwidth than needed.

Pre-requisites for owning a Dedicated Server:

Dedicated Server

Some factors are necessary to keep in count before buying or renting dedicated servers. They are:

Strong IT Backup: If you choose to purchase a dedicated server, it is good to know something about web applications and computer networking. However, if this isn’t an option, then it is good to have someone in your company who knows about these. The dedicated hosting company will provide access to the servers, but it will be up to you to install and use the software needed for your website.

An IT specialist will be able to bridge your company and the dedicated servers for your website, via interfaces. You also have an option of choosing managed dedicated hosting. This option can prove to be costly, but it is necessary for your website hosting. This option comes with a specialist from the web hosting company who will be able to configure your online servers and their functioning. Managed hosting packages generally have excellent customer support, and they provide templates and software bundles to make updating and managing your site easier from your desktop.

Quality and Costs: Dedicated Servers have high installation costs. But the functional costs are extremely cheap compared to other servers. Thus, choose a good quality dedicated web hosting, and do not run after the unbelievable offers on dedicated server costs. Make sure that the companies are well-known and offer good services, and then opt for their offers and discounts.

Discounts and Coupons:

toegewijd (Dedicated) hosting usually uses high connectivity routes, to ensure smooth connectivity even if one connection fails, owing to multiple uplinks. However, this is expensive, and the cost investment here is usually compensated by website patrons by availing discounted dedicated servers, which have lucrative discounts and coupons on other aspects of dedicated servers that cut costs.

web hosting discounts are usually provided when bulk services are purchased for a long duration of time. However, new server companies also offer large discounts to all buyers irrespective of their quantity or duration of purchase to attract more customers. The prices of dedicated servers depend upon the hardware and software used. For instance, Windows OS will is more expensive due to its licensing fee, compared to the free operating system Linux. Also, additional services like custom programming and certain additional upgrades increase the cost.

Dedicated server providers also give discounts and coupons on additional features such as expansion of web space, multiple domain names and hardware or software upgrades. Additional features like load balancing, firewall support, and so on are often given as complimentary packages. Monthly offers are more operational than offers on rates of usage, which reduce costs. Billing cycles also affect costs, and longer billing cycles are more discounted.


Thus, dedicated servers and web hosting are extremely popular and cheap today owing to the great customization bandwidth and the privacy and security they provide to websites. And discounted dedicated servers are a great option to avail cheap yet brilliant quality server hosting today.